Mitt’s education funding plan

Yes, this is premature, but Mitt Romney seems more and more like a gift from the gods to the Barack Obama re-election campaign. The quarter-billion-dollar man is tone deaf but he keeps braying, and each of his pronouncements seem more out of tune with the national mood than the last. More here.

2 thoughts on “Mitt’s education funding plan

  1. He’s really such an idiot that he doesn’t realize that he’s backed himself into a fringe right wing ideological corner that doesn’t allow for the gubmint, or anyone else for that matter, to help fund an education.

    Betcha’ $10,000.00 he never even considered that most folks simply don’t have college funds to loan the kids, unless of course you’re in the 1% class.

  2. Willard is the best they can come up with, but nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    As for loans, why not have interest free college loans to be paid back over a lifetime? Congress already made college debt bankruptcy impossible, so the loans will be risk free.

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