Chris Hayes, heroes, and ‘Catch-22’

Erik Kain at Mother Jones, defending MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who was bombarded with insults after questioning the wisdom of automatically referring to Americans soldiers who fall in battle as heroes:

In transforming our soldiers or police automatically into “heroes” we ignore the atrocities our own side commits. In doing so we also ignore the real moments of heroism. We give a free pass to anyone with a uniform and a gun regardless of their individual merit, and lend unwitting support to every war, from Iraq and Afghanistan to the War on Drugs, in the process.

I’m with Kain. What we need these days are more anti-heroes — people who rebel against the “my country right or wrong mentality” that allows us to be manipulated by lying politicians who all too often take the country into unnecessary wars to enrich “defense” contractors while dodging serious domestic problems.

We need more people like Yossarian, in Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. More here.

3 thoughts on “Chris Hayes, heroes, and ‘Catch-22’

  1. The neo-cons (Zionists) are pushing to create even more American heroes in Syria. UN Amb. Susan Rice said yesterday about Syria, “This could turn into a regional sectarian war.” (Rice might….might…. make a next good secretary of state. Once she’s no longer under the influence of Hillary.) Would anyone care to explain why the conflict in Syria is already a “regional sectarian war?” Here’s a hint. Syria and Iran represent the Shites. Saudi Arabia and its allies represents the Sunnis. Al-Qaeda is a Sunni organization. Want to guess which side al-Qaeda is on?

  2. Bradley Manning was such an individual.

    Need we ask why more didn’t follow in his footsteps?

  3. What is really unfortunate is that the folks screaming the loudest about Chris’s comments probably don’t comprehend what he was saying.
    I beleive he brought up points worthy of discussion.
    It’s been a big week for fake outrage……

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