Did Anonymous really stop Karl Rove from stealing another election?

Did Rove steal Ohio in 2004 — and did he try to do it again this year?

So I mentioned the other day that Anonymous claims they blocked Karl Rove’s attempt to steal the election in Ohio (remember I said he looked like someone who realized he’d been doublecrossed?):

Anon Rove Letter

I’m especially interested in 2004. Remember when all the corporate media people were chiding bloggers, who reported the exit poll info, for leaking inaccurate raw data? What I remember that the exit polls were only off in a few counties. Gee, I wonder why?

The other thing I’ve always wondered is why John Kerry collected donations for his legal fund, swearing he would fight for every last vote — and then didn’t. I guess we’ll never know.

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  1. Well if they did, my hat’s off to them. BTW, I assume they’re talking about Assange? He’s kinda boxed in at the moment, but evidence on Rove and his cyber infrastructure would make an interesting bargaining chip, no?

  2. This certainly deserves a comment.
    It is the best explanation so far as to why the Ohio vote-flipping mechanism was never put into play — it was, but it was thwarted.
    It’s much more plausible that my own speculations enshrined in two earlier threads here.

  3. I knew there were strong suspicions about Ohio in 2004. Basically the stuff most centrist and even some lefty bloggers dismiss as tinfoil hat nonsense (which I have no trouble believing. I have no trouble believing the worst about politics in this country ever since Gore v Bush). But I had no idea there had been hearings and books talking about specific bad actors. Funny how none of the MSM picked that up, but leading up to an election they can run with any harebrained conspiracy nonstory that the RW noise machine will crank out.

    This story especially reminded me of a race in Minnesota a while back, probably a midterm election year for a judge or something. There have been so many evil shits running for office I can’t even google enough to jog my memory for specifics. But it was someone so bad I was following that race for a few weeks beforehad, and on election night everything was going well until the final precincts (or counties) came in late and the results therein were so lopsided they unexpectedly changed the whole outcome.

    I would assume this stuff is going on all over the place, especially in the wake of the move to paperless (unauditable) voting after 2000. More than any other office, I betcha the Secretaries of State or whatever other state officials oversee voting and voter rolls are target #1, and it all goes on completely under the radar. And nonpartisan elections for judges would be easy too, since most people don’t really know much about the candidates, not even party affiliations, so there would be almost no meaningful polls to compare the outcomes with to see if someone might have “skewed” the election.

    I seriously pray for horrible soul killing tragedies to happen to Mr Rove every time I hear about his ways. I guess being soulless, he would be a bit impervious anyway. One day his karma has got to catch up to him. I’m imagining that criminal Israeli casino magnate siccing his goons on everyone around ol’ turd blossom, until he starts running in circles like a panicked bunny surrounded by the scent-trail of weasels. OK, I’ll stop before I have to start typing with just my left hand.

    As for the role of Anonymous, I really don’t know what to make of it. Maybe they are just bragging. I hope not. It seems like the MSM has been running a lot of stories about Anonymous in the last few weeks that make them sound rather ineffectual. And perhaps that is just a disinformation campaign. But it would sure be nice if the could right some wrongs with some seriously poetic justice.

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