2 thoughts on “The lie they tell you about Social Security

  1. Rich folks make up the oligarchy. Or why Netanyahu (the oligarchy) attacked the people of Gaza? 1) To increase his popularity before the election in January. 2) To short-circuit Abu Abbas’ plan to introduce a U.N. resoultion calling for a Palestinian state. (Netanyahu took similar action a year ago when he relaesed 1000 Palestinian prisoners.) 3) To draw Iran into the war giving Israel and the United States an excuse to bomb that country. Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind about this: Israel would not have attacked Gaza without first getting the approval of the Obama administration. That is an incontrovertible fact. The oligarchy (the rich) will kill when necessary to protect their priviledged position. So why wouldn’t they steal our Social Security?

  2. The oligarchs hope to misinform the public through their enablers in the lazy MSM. It hasn’t worked so far and will continue to fail unless they can somehow curtail the flow of information through social media and the internet. They are working on that right now through their paid representatives in congress by attempting to block net neutrality under the guise of freedom no less.

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