Code Pink crashes Brennan nomination hearing

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God bless the brave and brilliant ladies of Code Pink, who were apparently the only people attending the Senate confirmation hearing for CIA nominee John Brennan willing to stand up against the horrors of drones and torture. They interrupted the hearing five different times, got their message out, and most important of all, made the talking heads repeat that message again and again:

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called Thursday’s hearing to recess barely a few minutes after it had started, as protesters one-by-one interrupted CIA Director-nominee John Brennan during his opening statement.

“The next time, we’re going to clear the chamber and bring people back in one by one,” Feinstein said after a third protester interrupted Brennan. “This witness is entitled to be heard, ladies and gentlemen, so please give him that opportunity.”

After a fourth protester stood up, Feinstein made good on her promise.
The demonstrators appeared to be members of the activist group Code Pink. One held a sign reading, “Brennan = Drone Killing.” Another yelled out that she was protesting on behalf of mothers in countries including Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.