Madrak’s Law of Similiarities

Many years ago, I developed this theory, and called it Madrak’s Law of Similarity. The basis was this: When you sing in the shower, you only hear yourself sing the right notes, not the wrong ones.

Last night, I was explaining this to Make It Plain’s Mark Thompson when I was on his show. He’d asked me what I thought of Obama’s State of the Union address, so first I had to explain Madrak’s Law of Similarities.

“So when certain people listen to Obama, they only hear the parts that sound like he’s a progressive. They literally tune out the rest,” I said. (I noted that Obama put in a line about Social Security cuts that wasn’t in the version released to the public.)

You’re dating someone who’s a lying bastard, yet you tell yourself he loves you? Madrak’s Law of Similiarities! Useful, yes?

3 thoughts on “Madrak’s Law of Similiarities

  1. You’re actually asking for an honest critique of this law? If one does critiue the law will you promise not to hear only what you want to hear? Do you also promise not to give the critigueeee a hiatuus?

  2. I know a perfect example of this law – how Imhotep is always saying it’s Congress fault Obama does bad things.

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