7 thoughts on “Pelosi booed at NN over Snowden

  1. Netroots Nation should more accurately be called Networking Nation. The event is for people seeking positions within the Democratic Party. And this clip is a perfect example of how the “netroots” have become an appendage of the Democratic Party. Hierarchical and carefully controlled. However, a little anarchy always sneaks in. The host, Zurlena Maxwell, tries to keep the dissenter down. But Pelosi is much more adept at handling dissent. She gives the hand to Ms. Maxwell and cheerily engages the dissenter and then spins and spins the tale of the nifty secret committee that has been tasked to keep an overview of the secret courts and information gathering agencies. She reassures the booers that the Democrats are on top of this and have their best interests at heart. Trust her.
    For more on the committee to protect our privacy. Bwahahahahaha! “Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board” http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL34385.pdf
    FYI: I attended the first 2 of these conferences in Vegas and Chicago.

  2. As a member of the 1% Pelosi is getting used to being booooooed. That’s how it should be. Given the fact that Palosi and the rest of our politicians couldn’t care less about our constitutional rights. Especially the 4th Amendment. FTA.

  3. I very much agree with Montanamaven. I wrote to Rep Ed Markey, who is running for Mass Senator to fill Kerry’s seat, to tell him that, although I would usually would vote for him in a second, that his statements about Snowden now have me reconsidering my vote, and that it is likely that I will NOT vote for him on Tuesday. He may be great on a woman’s right to control her body and gun control, etc., but those are not my issues. My issue is (1) the lack of prosecution of the Bush War Criminals, and (2) the USAPOLICESTATE, now enshrined in the USAPATRIOT ACT. How many Dems have moved to repeal the PATRIOT Act? So when Pelosi says that it is important that Dems be elected to take the House back “for the American people”, she is lying through he teeth, because the Democrats do not work for the American people. They work for the elite who bribe them. I am also writing to Elizabeth Warren to tell her what i told Markey. If she supports the prosecution by Obomber of legitimate, honest and brave people of integrity, the whistle blowers, then she will also lose my vote forever.

  4. Massindependent:
    I fear that you will have no one to vote for in the future.

    Anyway, voting is a very ineffective mechanism for achieving a decent government. Mega-scale physical protest seems needed.

  5. Ditto what Izquierdo said.
    Pelosi, like too many others, has been around too long and feels totally sure of herself. She’s amassed enough wealth (and she had plenty already) to insure that her own children and grandchildren stay securely anchored in the 1% and even if she loses next time she won’t care. She’s probably ready to retire.
    Those who are too young to retire simply use the revolving door as many times as they need to before they retire. Add to that Citizen United and re-districting and it’s obvious that voting is a waste of time.
    In the meantime a little (or a lot of) booing can’t hurt 🙂

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