2 thoughts on “But Glenn Greenwald is a bad journalist

  1. Perhaps Zionist Lieberman can get his pals at the NYT (plenty of his warmongering pals work there) to tell us why Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was in Afghanistan in 1982? Who was Kaczynski working for in 1982? Why did Kaczynski go rogue and begin blowing shit up a few years after developing algorithms for our intelligence community? We never did get to hear Kaczynski’s story. Because his lawyers and the government told him that if he tried to testify at his own trial they would have him declared insane. Which is why Bobby Fischer fled to Iceland. And what the corporate media intends to do to Snowden. Which is why he went to Hong Kong. If the 1% can’t get away with having you killed, then they will have you declared insane.

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