BBC: Fukushima might topple into aquifer

UPDATE: Japan’s prime minister has announced that the government will intervene in the cleanup.

400 tons of highly radioactive water are pouring into the ocean every day:

Official warns Fukushima reactor buildings could “topple” Tepco’s work to change flow of groundwater can form pools below surface that soften the earth. Tepco prepares this week to start work on a new set of measures that would ring off and cap the area where the most highly contaminated water has been found, some experts and regulators are saying that the battle to completely contain radioactivity to the site of one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents may be a losing one.

It’s preparing to extend the underground hardened-earth barrier in a ring around the most heavily contaminated section of coastline, in hopes of heading groundwater off before it can flood in. Tepco is also proposing to cap that ringed section with gravel and asphalt, so nothing gets out. The operator is hoping to get an initial ring of hardened ground done by October.

But there’s a risk to changing the flow of groundwater in the ways that Tepco is considering, said Tatsuya Shinkawa, nuclear accident response director of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, at a news conference last month. The water could pool dangerously underground, softening the earth and potentially toppling the reactor buildings.

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  1. Capitalism—-the free market—-failed again. So the government—“we the people”—–have to ride to the rescue once again. When Capitalism worked—-long ago and far away—-it was a beautiful thing to watch. But Capitalism hasn’t worked for some time now.

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