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Social Security Building, by Luís Amoroso Lopes

I knew he wouldn’t give up, but I wish I didn’t have to read about this stuff. It’s really depressing:

Even though President Barack Obama’s formal budget proposal Tuesday omitted cuts to Social Security, the White House strongly suggested that a controversial policy to cut the program “remains on the table” if Republicans are willing to compromise.

“In last year’s Budget, the President included a compromise proposal intended as a show of good faith to spark additional negotiations with Congressional Republicans about the nation’s long-term deficits and debt and to encourage all parties to come together to remove the economically-damaging sequestration cuts,” the White House said in a fact sheet that accompanied its budget release. “Although that compromise proposal remains on the table, given Congressional Republicans’ unwillingness to negotiate a balanced long-term deficit reduction deal, the President’s 2015 Budget returns to a more traditional Budget presentation that is focused on achieving the President’s vision for the best path to create growth and opportunity for all Americans, and the investments needed to meet that vision.”

The “compromise proposal” is a thinly veiled reference to a policy known as Chained CPI, which slows the rate of inflation for Social Security benefits. The White House included the proposal in its budget released in 2013 as an olive branch to Republicans. Obama made clear he wouldn’t support it without new tax revenues in the mix, which the GOP refused to accept. Liberal advocates had also mobilized against the proposal. But senior administration officials made clear that while Chained CPI is not a policy that the president ideally wants, he’s still willing to support it if Republicans reciprocate with tax revenues.

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4 thoughts on “Back on the table

  1. Barry’s doing a great job destroying what remains of the demo party. Sadly he has another three years to keep trying.

    F*ck O, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi and all the other Third-Way dems.

  2. Jesus. It was only two weeks ago that there were stories out indicating Obama was finally moving away from chained CPI.

    Brother, that didn’t take long, did it?

    I’d say about another million former dems just decided to sit out 2014, or look for a fringe third party just so they can vote for policies they actually like.

    I wonder if the dems will have 150 seats in the House after the 2014 elections. Seriously. Maybe that’s the plan.

  3. Over the last six years Obama has “offered” to compromise on SS in exchange for concessions the Republican Party will never accept. Gee, I don’t know, maybe he’s not really interested in cutting SS. You know, if he really intended to all he’d have to do is offer it up. Every Republican would vote for it and more than enough Democrats to get any cut you could dream up enacted immediately. Yet, oddly, he hasn’t done that.
    Hmmmmm, maybe it’s just a political ploy.
    Either that or he’s the most incompetent politician in the history of the United States.

  4. Bob, you are assuming that he gets nothing from constantly offering up the cuts. But keeping the conversation on cutting Social Security instead of expanding benefits Obama and the rest of the crowd of Pete Peterson’s rent boys.

    You know, if he really intended to all he’d have to do is offer it up. Every Republican would vote for it and more than enough Democrats to get any cut you could dream up enacted immediately.

    That’s adorable in its naivete, but what would actually happen is that the GOoPers would vote against it and then run scare campaigns telling all the seniors that Obama tried to cut Social Security, and wants to force them to subsist on cat food, which would be true.

    This is why both parties are still playing chicken with Social Security cuts. Neither side trusts the other to enough to jump together. Right now that mistrust is the only thing keeping Obama and his neoliberal looters from gutting Social Security.

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