God I love Philadelphia

sylvia simms

When Sylvia Simms, one of the assholes on the ironically-named School Reform Commission, taunts students doing a sit-in to support their teachers that they “must go to failing schools, you all belong in jail.”

This was at a screening for parents of “Won’t Back Down,” the wingnut-funded anti-teacher union movie that flopped because it was such a piece of crap.

H/t Brendan.

One thought on “God I love Philadelphia

  1. Of course we all know that the solution to failing schools is to privatize them. When the “profit incentive” is introduced into any organization it immediately becomes an instant successes. Want cleaner water….turn it over to the capitalists. Want cleaner air….turn it over to the capitalists. Want higher wages….become a capitalist. Want better prisons….turn them over to the capitalists. Want bigger and more exciting wars….leave them up to capitalists to declare. All Republican elected officials and those who vote for them are gifted assholes. That’s because they’re incentivized by the profit motive to be the best assholes they can be.

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