Sitting my way toward cancer. Yay!

Sitting is killing you. There are dozens of articles stating it: It’s the new smoking. If you’re a woman, a new study has shown that leisure-time sitting can put you at risk for a whole slew of different cancers. Researchers from the American Cancer Society found women who spend their leisure time sitting are at a…

2 thoughts on “Sitting my way toward cancer. Yay!

  1. To make an inexpensive standing desk, I found it was easiest just to put a table atop some cinder blocks. Also, a tall “bar stool” type chair or a rolling office chair with a height extender is cheaper than a convertible desk. You can switch between standing and sitting as often as you like without having to fiddle with anything.

  2. I see the rationale now. Never stop moving, if you want to live. And, since you’re already moving, you might as well be moving at work. 18 hour workdays, the new recommendation from the 1% Department of Health(?)

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