Trump loses his Pecker

Sorry, couldn’t resist! And neither could anyone else writing headlines for this story:

One thought on “Trump loses his Pecker

  1. Pecker… about low hanging fruit.

    Not to distract from this important development, but the Senate yesterday passed an $854 billion dollar spending bill (85-7). (Doesn’t the Constitution require that all spending bills originate in the House?)
    $675 billion of that $854 will go to the military and
    $179 billion will go to domestic needs.

    Congress has now passed 9 of the 12 mandatory spending bills for FY 2019.

    Earlier in August Congress passed and the President signed the $717 dollar John S. McCain military spending bill.

    Congress has now passed or will pass spending bills giving $1.4 trillion taxpayer dollars to the military and $179 billion to domestic programs with just 3 spending bills remaining to be passed.

    Will Congress spend another $1.3 trillion dollars on domestic programs in order to have parity with military spending?

    Because of the Republic tax cut for the rich, how much of this projected $2.6 trillion dollar budget for FY 2019, be borrowed money added to our National Debt?

    Why are the Democrats so willing to spend so much on the military at the expense of , say, single-payer health care?

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