GOP lawyers panic over documents in North Carolina gerrymandering suit

So a Republican map-making guru who designed the North Carolina GOP gerrymandering strategy dies, and the lawyers in a gerrymandering lawsuit were notified that Common Cause, the good government group, and the North Carolina Democratic party subpoenaed the estranged daughter of the guy for computer records.

Here’s where it gets good.

So Stephanie Hofeller turns over four hard drives and 18 thumb drives of files — after her father’s estate said it had no information about the case. The Republican lawyers start whining: ‘Your honor, we don’t know how she got these files!’ (You know, as Republicans do.)

The judge allowed all the files but said they must be shared with both sides. (Which the Democrats were going to do anyway, because Democrats follow rules.)

Now, the basis of any gerrymandering suit is whether there was intention to stack the deck against minorities. Guess what we find out?

Yep! Turns out dead old Tom Hofeller is the guy behind the oh-so-innocent federal census question that asks whether you’re legally in the country — the same SDNY case that’s about to be heard by the Supreme Court! The one where Wilbur Ross refused to testify! Kinda points to INTENT of discrimination, amirite? Especially since the Trump administration claimed the question was added to protect minority rights.

So the documents submitted in the North Carolina case go to the question of discriminatory intent.

Will this be enough to persuade the SCOTUS wingnuts to strike down the census question? Your guess is as good as mine. After all, these are not normal times. SCOTUS has already heard the arguments in the case, but plaintiffs filed a request to get the new information in front of the court. I’m not hopeful.