Don’t forget: This is the same guy we have on tape, saying he believes Putin pays Trump!

One thought on “Lickspittle

  1. Politics is a funny game.

    There are far too many pro-Capitalist, Neo-liberal, warmongers among the 20 Democratic candidates chosen to participate in the first debate.

    Biden, Booker, Klobuchar, Harris and the pinhead Hickenlooper to name a few.

    Then there are the Democratic voters who support Trump.
    They, like all of the other Trump voters, refuse to internalize the fact that Trump is far more corrupt then the Congress (Swamp) they hate, the corporate oligarchs they love, and the “Socialist Democrats” who are defined as some nebulous evil bent on destroying America just like those “others” invading us from the south.

    It’s a shame that the lunatic, Fascist, Right—-the Federalist Society and Evangelical Christians for example—-has succeeded in convincing the non-critical thinkers among us that the Democrats are the anti-Christ and that Jesus was a dirty, Socialist, Hippie who supported Social Security and Medicare-for-all, and who despised the military and war.

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