Major FAIL

The IC doesn’t trust Trump enough to tell him what we’re doing to stop Russian interference:

One thought on “Major FAIL

  1. Who elected Pentagon and intelligence officials to run our foreign and military policy?

    Imposing sanctions and boycotts on a country is an act of war.

    The economies of both Iran and Venezuela depend on the sale of oil to the rest of the world.

    The stated goal of the Trump-Pompeo-Bolton-Netanyahu-Pence policy is to assure that neither Iran or Venezuela can export even a single drop of oil to anybody.

    So far Iran has been very measured in its response to this act of war declared against the economy, the people and the elected government of Iran by the US.

    Unless the Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate come out strongly against any military intervention in Iran and Venezuela, Trump and his idiot warmongering minions, Pompeo-Bolton and Pence, could stumble all us into a war.

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