One thought on “Worse every day

  1. speaker pelosi, her leadership team, and 40 freshmen members of the House would rather pass bill after bill that the Grim Reaper in the Senate will promptly toss into the nearest trash can, instead of impeach Trump.

    Wouldn’t it bee ironic if Trump were soundly defeated, the Senate flipped, and the House given back to the Republicans in 2020?

    pelosi has a clear Constitutional duty to impeach Trump.
    But pelosi has instead chosen to do nothing until after the “aberration” in the WH is defeated and nancy’s majority in the House is retained in 2020 election.

    Democrats will flood the pools in 2020.

    Because pelosi refuses, for political reasons, to carry out her Constitution responsibilities and impeach Trump, many of those Democrats may skip that portion of the ballot listing US House of Representative candidates in 2020.

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