Good old Jeff

Here’s the indictment.

Federal prosecutors have charged him with sex trafficking and conspiracy and seek to send him prison for years. They also intend to seize his Manhattan townhouse, where many of the crimes are alleged to have taken place.

And at the press conference, the prosecutor asked for victims or those with information about any crimes involving Epstein to contact 1-800-CALLFBI and hit the prompt for information about a major crime.

Prosecutor Geoffrey Berman refused to answer questions about some parts of the case, and asked the press not to read anything into the fact that the Public Corruption unit is handing the case.

He also told reporters that the SDNY is not bound by the agreement negotiated by the Southern Florida district that was negotiated by Alex Acosta, now Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

Berman discussed why they want Epstein held until trial, saying because of the length of the sentence, it would be in effect a life sentence, and that Epstein’s enormous wealth and homes around the world made him a “significant” flight risk.

He also said during the search of Epstein’s mansion, federal agents found nude pictures of what appear to be underage girls.

Note: I just want to point out that Berman praised the “excellent investigative journalism” done by Julie k. Brown and the Miami Herald on this formerly-cold case, and I want to remind you to support local journalism. You can’t afford not to.

2 thoughts on “Good old Jeff

  1. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta should be fired immediately.
    Then he should be disbarred.

  2. The Public Corruption unit is handling the case so Acosta better make sure he is current on his retainer payments, and discovery should be interesting, to say the least.

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