Job One

Bill Barr knows exactly what it is:

Bradley Edwards, the attorney who represented one of the girls who accused Epstein in the original Florida case, said in a deposition in a later suit against Epstein that Jeffrey Epstein had 14 contact numbers for Donald Trump, including his security guard and his houseman.

But they barely know each other.

Watch Trump in that clip. You can always tell when he’s lying — he tries to simulate sincerity.

One thought on “Job One

  1. Barr comes from a long line of criminals including his father who hired Jeffery Epstein as a teacher even though Jeff had no teaching credential or even a college degree. Old man Barr resigned from his position as high school administrator soon after his antics were made public.

    How did Jeffery Epstein make his hundreds of millions of dollars and who are his wealthy clients?

    Nobody seems to know the answer to that question.
    Or maybe it’s just that nobody wants to talk about it including federal and state prosecutors and the media?

    This is a very important story apart from its salacious aspects.

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