Pearl clutchers

I’m sorry, there was so much happening that it was hard to follow. Pelosi read a statement condemning Trump for being a racist, Republicans objected to the word “racist,” Pelosi said it had been approved by the House parliamentarian, the Republicans insisted it be stricken from the record, and there was a resolution to condemn Trump’s tweets. Then Rep. Al Green introduced articles of impeachment. I think that’s it.

One thought on “Pearl clutchers

  1. “What’s your ethnicity,” asked Kellyanne Conway at a presser yesterday.
    She followed that by saying that the ‘Squad,’ “represents the dark underbelly of this country.” (That would be us ladies and gentlemen.)

    After yesterdays House vote it is now perfectly clear to anyone with eyes and ears that Republican’s are, with few exceptions, racist, greedy, corrupt and un-American.

    It’s also obvious that Republican’s intend to stand firmly behind Trump until the bitter end even if he shoots someone in the middle of 5th Avenue.

    For the leadership of the Democratic Party to continue to reject impeachment as a legitimate remedy is political malpractice.

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