People with guns kill people

3 thoughts on “People with guns kill people

  1. Has Speaker Pelosi called the House back into session? Nooooo…
    Has Moscow Mitch called the Senate back into session? Nooooo…

    According to Moscow Mitch the Senate will take up gun legislation after Labor Day.
    Apparently Moscow Mitch is hoping that the public anger over the El Paso massacre will have dissipated by then and Moscow won’t be forced to pass gun legislation that will surely piss off the NRA.

    Pelosi seems to be in that same mindset when it comes to impeaching Trump.
    Clearly she believes that if she waits long enough impeaching Trump will become a dead issue.

    The policy positions of both Democratic candidate Michael Bennett (Colo) and Joe Biden are indistinguishable.
    Neither candidate has called for Congress to come back from vacation and pass gun legislation.

    Moscow Mitch, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are not leaders.
    What they are are obstructionist clock watchers impeding the people’s business.

  2. Why would Pelosi call the House back into session on gun legislation when the House has already passed two pieces of legislation that are sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk, waiting for a Senate vote?

  3. The two bills on Moscow’s desk only have to do with back round checks. What we need is legislation banning all military-style assault weapons.
    If we actually want Moscow Mitch to move on any of this legislation we must pressure Moscow and the Republicans.
    Calling the House back into session would show a seriousness on the part of Democratic Party and its leadership to “Do Something” on guns.
    Such a move would be politically astute.

    Then there’s the issue of impeaching Trump.

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