One thought on “He won’t do it

  1. Trump is a bullshit artist just like Moscow Mitch.

    Why would the billionaire CEO of the New York based Blackstone investment firm, Stephen Schwarzman, contribute $500,000 to the re-election campaign of Maine’s Republican US Senator Susan Collins?

    The Trump, Republican tax cut for the rich and the corporations is slowly destroying the economy.
    Trump and the Republicans (and any Democrat who voted for it) will add $1 trillion to the National Debt this year because of their tax cut for the rich, the corporations and a dangerously bloated defense budget.

    The rich and the corporations received 80% of the tax cut dollars (then bought stock with it) and that loss of tax dollars to the Treasury is now exploding the budget deficit and the National Debt.

    The recession now in progress is the result of employed consumers not having enough cash in their pockets to pay their bills and then go to the movies, while at the same time the rich have more money then they will ever get to spend.

    To end this recession we need to pass a minimum living wage high enough to sustain a vibrant and expanding middle-class (workers need a BIG pay raise), increase the taxes on the rich and the corporations, and slash the bloated military budget and shift those savings into building infrastructure.

    Susan Collins will vote “No” on every one of those solutions and that’s why billionaire Schwarzman is donating half a million dollars to the Susan Collins re-elect campaign.

    Which of the Democratic presidential candidates is most likely to tax the rich, increase the minimum wage and reduce the military budget?

    There are only two: Warren and Bernie.

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