One thought on “Freedumb

  1. America’s longest and most expensive war will continue.

    There are warmongers in the Republican Party and there are warmongers in the Democratic Party.
    Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, Seth Moulton, and Chris Coons to name a few.

    The $5.6 trillion dollar war in Afghanistan has been a cash cow for contractors like Blackwater.

    Lots of people have enriched themselves at the cost of 2,400 American lives and 20,000 American wounded in this illegal war that has lasted for almost 18 years.

    So who was responsible for delaying the current peace deal and why?

    Subtracting from the equation the warmongers (Bolton, Pence, et al), the war profiteers (all friends of our Congress members), and the 1500 year long ‘family dispute’ between the Saudi, Sunni, Arabs and the Shiite, Persians, who’s left?

    Who do Graham, Cheney, Moulton, Coons and those of their ilk in both parties represent in the Middle East?

    If Netanyahu wins re-election on September 17, we can thank the pro-Zionist, warmongers in both US political parties for giving him the edge.

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