I give up

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I had to go downtown Tuesday, and the closest (affordable) parking lot was four blocks away. When I came back, it took me an hour to walk around all sides of the block before I could find the (unlabeled) street entrance and the right (unlabeled) door.

So when I went to see my physiatrist yesterday, I shoved a piece of paper at him. “Here,” I said. “Number 8.” The paper was an application for a handicapped parking placard, and number 8 is the code for “severely limited in his or her ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.” He signed it, and threw in a prescription for physical therapy. “Sometimes they want this,” he said. (Just to make it clear to the Dept. of Transportation I was old, I stuck an Elvis stamp on the envelope.)

He said there aren’t many really good PT offices in the city. He wants me to go to this place in New Jersey that actually has underwater treadmills — which sounds cool to me.

Two month’s worth of thrice-weekly bridge tolls, though. It never ends. Now I know why old people are so cranky!

3 thoughts on “I give up

  1. “Ill-tempered and eccentric.” Hmmmm

    Us communists want “free” health care according to the Republicans.

    Health care in the United States costs a total of $3.4 trillion a year.
    That’s 8.5% of our Gross Domestic Product.

    $10, 224 is an average of what each and every American pays for health care a year.
    That is the highest in the world.
    The second highest average belongs to Switzerland which pays over $8,ooo per person per year.

    What these two countries have in common is that they allow for-profit insurance companies to be a part of the system.

    The UK pays $4,246 per year and Canada pays $4,826 per year.
    Both of these countries have a “socialist health care system” which excludes for-profit insurance companies.

    Paying for the most expensive health care system in the world and getting piss poor results should make all of us cranky.

  2. Old people are cranky because, try to go a month without seeing a doctor. Then you see a doctor for one thing and you find out about another problem. Gah.

  3. When I got out of stroke rehab, they gave me a signed form requesting that the DMV give me a handicapped placard, but in the mistaken belief that I’d be returning to normal mobility at some point in the near future, I never got it.

    I do get around a lot better now, but two blocks is still a long walk, even with all of the walking I’ve done to try and recover.

    PT=pain and torture, but my therapists took me when I couldn’t even sit up in bed and taught me how to walk with a quad-cane. I knew I only had one shot with them, so I took everything they said seriously, and when compared with the other stroke patients there, I feel like I did pretty well.

    Good luck. If you get a good therapist, they can probably make your life better.

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