One thought on “It’s always the media

  1. Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are on fire.
    That’s a clear indication that the Pompeo-Trump-Bolton-Kushner Middle East policy of intimidation and sanctions is an abject failure.

    What does the media have to say about this foreign policy failure?

    What the press refuses to tell us is that the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Syria are oil wars.

    Whether or not Iran will be permitted to export oil or Syria will be permitted to import or export oil or Saudi Arabia will go bankrupt now that 50% of its oil production (5.7 million bbls per day worth tens of billions of dollars) has been cut off by Yemen’s Houthi’s, Israel’s Mossad, the CIA, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood or somebody else.

    Does it really matter if the US Navy can keep the Straight of Hormuz open if a few dozen drones are capable of taking out 100% of Saudi oil production?

    What have we accomplished over the course of 18 years with the deaths of 2400 American soldiers and $5.6 trillion tax dollars fighting all over the Middle East?

    Either the United States continues to follow the dangerous and failed ME policy promoted by the Israelis or we begin to follow a more sane Middle East policy favoring the interests of the American people.

    Why aren’t we having this discussion in the media?

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