One thought on “But we should let them have assault weapons, right?

  1. None of these right wingers is mentally fit to own any sort of a firearm. Although Trump probably doesn’t agree with that sentiment.

    Speaking of Fascists.

    The Israelis should be ashamed of themselves.

    Both Bibi Netanyahu and Benny Gantz are racists who want to “crush Gaza” and ramp up Israel’s apartheid polices against the Palestinian people.

    Both want to build a “strong Zionist state” to include the occupied West Bank territory.

    Both Netanyahu and Gantz are warmongers who intend to steal the Jordan River Valley from the Palestinians.

    Israel has moved so far to the Right that it is difficult to distinguish it from any of the other ultra-nationalist states of the past or of the present.

    A Bibi Netanyahu/Benny Gantz unity government is a dangerous joke.

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