We could take a wild guess as to which “foreign leader” it was:

2 thoughts on “Traitor

  1. The intelligence community is at war with Trump because Trump believes that as the president he has the power to do whatever he likes.

    What Trump appears to be too stupid to understand is that the “Deep State” (NSA, etc.) knows everything about everybody including him.

    Snowden has said as much a thousand times and has shown all of us the proof.

    The last president who acted like Trump was Richard Mildew Nixon and look what “Deep Throat” did to him.

    We should all take note about how the intelligence community works its will on us.

  2. According to WAPO. not Putin but instead Ukraine. Perhaps something to do with the $250 million in military aid Fergus was withholding to try and extort Ukraine into opening a bogus investigation of the Bidens to help his reelection campaign, which current polling has losing to Biden by double digits.

    The DoJ has no authority over whistle-blowers in the IC. There is black letter law that protects them and spells out the exact steps to be taken in evaluating the information they provide, that are being followed carefully here.

    But the flouting of those protocols pales in comparison to what Fergus’ lawyers claimed in court today in an attempt to keep his tax documents hidden:
    According to them, a sitting president can not be investigated.
    No, not just indicted as per the bogus OLC memo, but investigated.

    These fools have to go. They’re saying that if Fergus shot someone on 5th Avenue, he couldn’t be investigated as a suspect.

    Now, his policies have killed way more than just the one victim he’s bragged about, but “the law doesn’t apply to me” is a different statement in a court filing than it is at a campaign rally, and all of these fuckers have to go, and they have to stay the fuck gone.
    No rebranding themselves as independents and slinking away from accountability this time. Burn the fucking lifeboats.

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