2 thoughts on “He must be nervous

  1. Nervousness is the order of the day in the “Swamp.”

    Rather then pursuing the impeachment of Donald J. Trump with purpose and vigor the Democrats have decided to instead focus on drug pricing.

    How cleaver.

    Trump has always wanted to regulate the price of drugs and Moscow Mitch will do whatever Trump tells him to do. (Bark like a dog, Moscow.)

    The leadership of the Democratic Party supports Joe Biden and opposes both impeaching Trump and Medicare-For-All, just like Joe.

    By focusing on drug pricing the Democrats want to divert attention away from the Trump impeachment inquiry.
    Which they hope will help their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, out of a tough spot.
    You see good old Joe is rapidly sinking in the polls because he opposes both Medicare-For-All and the impeachment of Trump.

    Oh……….and where is the gun bill that expands back round checks to include all gun sales and banning the sale and manufacture of the AR 15 and the AK 7?

  2. In their court filing, Fergus’ lawyers are claiming that a sitting president can’t be investigated. Not indicted, as per the bogus OLC memo, but investigated.
    These fuckers have to go.

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