Make it stop!

This is what happened back in 2004, but the media has to make it into yet another “Dems in disarray” narrative. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

One thought on “Make it stop!

  1. “If it bleeds, it leads.”

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to blame her loss to Trump on the Russians.

    Has warmonger Joe Biden ever been asked about Clinton’s claims?

    As an aside, Malcom Nance is nutz.

    Six months (June 2016) before the US election in November 2016, the people of Britain voted ‘for’ Brexit and for withdrawal from the European Union.
    That result was made possible by Steve Bannon, oligarch Robert Mercer, Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica, right wing, Capitalist, extremist Nigel Farage, and the angry people of Great Britain.
    The vote to approve Brexit was a rejection of the Neo-liberal policies pursued by both the Labour and Conservative Party’s in England for over 40 years and had nothing to do with Russian interference.

    Clinton lost to Trump because US voters, like their British counterparts, were fed up with Neo-liberal policies.

    Neo-liberal policies like NAFTA (a Republican plan) which destroyed the unions, increased unemployment and under-employment, and drove down wages.
    A Neo-liberal foreign policy which called for both direct military intervention and covert methods meant to destabilize countries like Russia, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iran.
    Those policies were rejected by the voters and Trump was elected.

    But establishment Democrats don’t seem to have gotten the message of the 2016 election quite yet.
    Which is why the keep trying to shove Neo-liberal, corporatists Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg down our throats.

    The time has come for the anti-Soviet cold-warriors who support Neo-liberalism to exit stage Right and allow sanity to return to the Democratic Party.
    The Democrats can accomplish that the hard way of disarray or the easy way.
    It’s all up to the parties leadership.

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