One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Iowa loves its birds.

    Now for a post-Thanksgiving rant.

    The political-class, which includes lots of plutocrats, is corrupt. The more money the oligarchs rain down on them, the more corrupt the political-class becomes.
    Their corruption has corrupted the political system.

    The politicians are, for the most part, corrupt themselves.
    Their corruption has corrupted both major political parties.

    The Republican Party has been so corrupted that it is no longer salvageable and should be voted out of existence.

    But the Democratic Party has also travelled a long way down the road to perdition.

    There are only two candidates running for president on the Democratic side with the mindset and inclination to end the corruption that the oligarchs have created.
    Warren and Sanders.

    The rest the candidates are corporatists wanting to bring us back to the bad old days of normalcy before the corrupt Trump.
    That’s unacceptable.

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