Potholes ahead

I’m reading “Running Against The Devil,” the book just released by never-Trumper GOP operative Rick Wilson, and it was pretty informative. (Unlike a lot of my friends, I’m not as suspicious of Wilson because I worked as an operative, too, and I can tell shit from Shinola.) Here’s the punchline: The vast majority of the gettable votes — that is, persuadable voters who aren’t part of the Democratic base) are older moderates. Those are the extra votes we need to kick Trump’s ass, and Wilson warns us not to scare them off. We need them if we want to destroy the Republican party, and that’s what Wilson wants, too.

This is the time to hit Trump on his corruption, and on how bad working people are doing. It’s the time to hit him on destroying Obamacare, and on his plans to destroy Social Security. Stick to the issues everyone already agrees on. (Wilson thinks Warren is the best candidate to carry this message.)

I’m no happier about Joe Biden than you are, but I am happy that he leads Trump so consistently — and if he’s the nominee, so be it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

It’s also time to remember: Even if we win control of the Senate, many of our wish-list policies won’t come to pass. They still have to get support from conservative Dems like Joe Manchin, and Joe’s about as good as we’re gonna get in West Virginia. (Let me remind you that Justice Dems and Bernie-endorsed candidates haven’t flipped one red seat. Moderate Dems have.)

The Democratic party is a hell of a lot more progressive now that even when Obama was in office, so we will see progress. We will work together, we will bend the arc toward justice. But destroying the GOP is the necessary first step.

3 thoughts on “Potholes ahead

  1. Joe Biden

    The education offered to the children of California (K-12) is far superior to the education offered to the children of OK, LA, MS, GA, AL, SC, NC, KY and TENN.
    Survey after survey over the years has come to that conclusion.

    It’s not an accident of fate, that a majority of Trumps hardcore support comes from those states.
    Trumps 2016 victory was the result of micro-targeting certain voters (77,000) in specific states like Penn, Ohio, etc.
    But Trump got lucky in 2016 and will never be able to replicate that victory in 2020.

    Joe Biden is one of the least likable, least well-informed, most war-like, and least creative politicians ever to run for president in the history of the Democratic Party.

    As for the pollsters, they are collectively the people most responsible for bringing us the highly charged and extremely partisan politics and tribalism we have in America today.

    Every other country on earth who holds fair and free elections can count on their exit polling for accurate results.
    That is not the case in the United States.
    Why is that?

    Once we thought that if we could just rid ourselves of the lawyers things might better.
    These days it could be the pollsters who we should get rid of?

    Joe Biden, ugh.

  2. If “winning” is the objective, Wilson may be right about not scaring away “older moderates”.
    If “implementing the necessary reforms & changes of direction” is the objective, a Biden Presidency accomplishes almost nothing.
    It all depends whether you think that Trump & Republicanism,is the main problem, or if there are systemic issues that are far more important (climate crisis, systemic corruption, neoliberalism & unregulated corporatism, income inequality, etc).
    I tend to think that without major systemic change, a Biden Presidency will just lead to an even worse Republican in 2024 or 2028.

  3. So former Republican operative, Rick Wilson, thinks former Republican politician, Liz Warren, is the best Democrat to beat Republican President, Donald Trump. Even
    though former Republican Hillary Clinton couldn’t do it. Hmmmm. Makes as much sense as former Democratic President, Barack Obama, appointing two Republicans, Chuck Hagel and Robert Gates, as SECDEF. And retaining Republican Bernacke as Fed chairman. Because bipartisanship and moderation are so important (to Dumbocrats). Or maybe because Democrats think Republicans are the Daddy party, and should always handle the important stuff like war and the economy.

    Democrats. Seizing defeat from the jaws of victory for half a century.

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