I can relate

If you have, or know someone with chronic illness (like me!), you should read this:

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  1. Our current cobbled together health care system looks like something Rube Goldberg would have designed.

    If a presidential candidate (Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar) tells you that it’s not realistic to think that congress would ever pass a universal health care bill (Medicare For All) then we should take them at their word.

    Any candidate, presidential or otherwise, with a “can’t do” attitude will never succeed in accomplishing anything that they don’t believe in.

    Neither Buttigieg, nor Biden nor Klobuchar believe in a universal health care system (Medicare For All).
    Regardless of what they say.

    Because if they did believe in a universal health care system they wouldn’t be fighting so hard to save the corrupt, for-profit health insurance industry. (Maybe they own some stock.)

    And that goes double for the Las Vegas Culinary Union.

  2. I just had to get seen by a new doctor to refill my prescriptions since I moved to a different county and… It worked, sort of, but damn I miss Highland Hospital in Oakland.
    They all wanted insurance cards, and I don’t have them, even though I have both Medi-Cal and Medicare, they never sent new cards to me and my old ones are now ten years old.
    The pharmacy wanted $160 for a 30 day supply of three prescriptions without a card.
    Highland had my information on file and charged me $3.60 a script for a three month supply.
    So they gave me three days worth and told me to come back for the rest when I got my insurance info.
    So yesterday I got online accounts for both Medi-Cal and Medicare, and it turns out that I do have Medicare part D, (through Humana, which I have no memory of, so it must be something Highland did for me) and lo and behold, there was the info the pharmacist asked for! A BIN#, a PCN#, and hopefully the “RxID” is the “GRD#” he wanted. Dunno, will find out later today when we drive into town to check.
    The new doctor I saw on Friday was OK, but it was an hour drive to get there and I really miss Dr. Nelson at Highland who had been my primary care physician since 2009. When I came to him in 2014 with lapsed Medi-Cal and severe cataracts, he had me expedited on the list and I had both of my surgeries in five months.

  3. Once you’ve had a really good doctor who gets things done for you, it’s hard to get used to official indifference. The cardiologist I saw today was great, though.

  4. Good for you!
    I got my meds, but the pharmacist couldn’t find me in the system with the information he had asked me for. I told him that I had part D and that I saw that in my online account, and got the numbers he had asked me for from that account. He then asked me for the last four digits of my SS#, and then he found me right away, meaning he could have found me that way Friday had he looked.
    I think I’ll take my friend Zsuzs’ advice and get my meds from a different pharmacy in the future.
    These are the things you have to learn in order to successfully navigate our healthcare system. Highland, as wonderful as it is, took me months to learn how to navigate at first. Once I did, I always got the best, and knew how to keep the waiting to a minimum.
    Zsuzs says that the only thing comparable to Highland around here is Kaiser, so I may look into whether they accept Medicare or Medi-Cal.
    Perhaps once I figure things out here, I’ll like it as well as what I had in Oakland.
    We’ll see.

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