One thought on “Presidential showboat

  1. Bush “The Liar” opened the door for a president to pander to the anti-abortionist, Evangelical Christians who attend the Daytona 500.

    We’re all aware that corrupt, billionaire, oligarchs run Russia and that Putin is the most corrupt, authoritarian, billionaire, oligarch of them all.

    There is a corrupt, authoritarian, billionaire sitting in the WH today.

    Early on, the wealthy oligarchs in America decided, as they always do, who their candidate for president would be to run against the “hated” Trump and the hated “Socialists.”
    That candidate was Joe Biden.
    Once the Biden campaign began to collapse, and the Progressive candidates began moving to the top, the wealthy, oligarchs put their heads together (there are only a few hundred of them) and decided to run one of their own–Mike Bloomberg—to save the day.

    Is there any real difference between corrupt, wealthy, Russian oligarchs running Russia and corrupt, wealthy, American oligarchs running America?

    Corrupt, wealthy, Russian oligarchs spend their own ill-gotten billions to buy elections using graft and “cash giveaways” just like Bloomberg has been doing.

    Is the American political system any less corrupt then the Russian political system is?

    A Bloomberg v. Trump or Biden v. Trump contest in November will prove that it is not.

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