Last night’s debate

3 thoughts on “Last night’s debate

  1. The optics of Hunter Biden’s time at Ukraine are bad bad bad. Trump would hammer it mercilessly and the Senate would keep the investigation going going all the time. Biden is poison. Just is. Time to go, Joe.

  2. Last nights best statement: Bernie, “(Mike) you have more wealth ($60 billion) then the bottom 120 million Americans.”

    The worst response: Bloomberg, “Yes, and I’m giving it away (to buy the presidency).”

    The worst laid trap: Bloomberg, “The best known Socialist on this stage is a millionaire ($2.5 million) who owns 3 homes.”

    The best comeback: Bernie, “Correct. One in Washington (where I work), my home in Vermont (where I come from) and, like many Vermonters (and New Englanders) a summer home. How many homes do you own? ” (The answer is 11.)

    The candidates did an adequate job.

    The moderators were abysmal.

  3. Posted this morning at Show Me Progress:

    “Listen, some pundits may say that it was unsporting for Elizabeth Warren to kick off this debate by ripping Mike Bloomberg’s arms off and using them to punch him in the dick, but i respectfully disagree”

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