Deja vu

While there certainly were Russian bots pushing Sanders back in 2016 (it was part of my job to track them), and most assuredly they’re there again, it’s really disingenuous of Bernie to insinuate his online supporters aren’t known for attacking people — because they’re people we know. Some of them are members of his senior staff. So he should clean that shit up, and not hide behind the Russians. Both things are true.

2 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. About attacking people; the plutocrats (millionaires) and oligarchs (billionaires) are all very, very nervous these days. The stock market is down 900 points today.

    But there’s more.

    “I ain’t no Socialist,” quipped Biden after getting his ass kicked in Nevada.
    No Joe, you ain’t no Socialist.
    What you are is a silly, old, fool.
    If Harry Reed had not intervened on your behalf in Nevada, you wouldn’t have gotten enough votes to even be viable.
    But Joe wasn’t finished being a half-wit because he went on to say that, “I’m not a plutocrat, I’m a Democrat.” Sure Joe, whatever you say.
    “Have you no shame Senator?”

    Buttigieg said after being beaten like a government mule in Nevada, “Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible, ideological revolution that leaves out most Democrats.”
    Just for your own edification Pete, both Hitler and bin Laden were inflexible ideologues and racists.
    Equating Bernie to those two butchers is reprehensible and you know it is Pete, so you must have been paid to say it.
    Because if you weren’t and you actually believe that, then you’re even dumber then you sound.

    Neo-liberal Democrats Biden, Buttigieg, (Bloomberg), Klobuchar and the plutocrats and oligarchs that they represent, are seething with rage because they are being pummeled by the Democratic Socialist Progressives Bernie and Warren.

    Poor them.

  2. Perspective from a Bernie supporter: When he’s not getting ignored, he’s getting pilloried from everyone on cable news, online, in the print media, DNC members, and from the opposing presidential campaigns. The accusations have been as disingenuous as they have been outrageous. First he’s a communist. No, he’s a Nazi because the Nevada caucus results are like the fall of France in 1940. And the idea that Vladimir Putin has the best intentions toward Bernie Sanders’s well-being is ridiculous. Ridiculous. Whenever someone gets pushback from Bernie supporters online, they whine that they’re being meaaannnn. Chuck Todd said that they were brownshirts. But I think it’s a case of Crybullies trying to work the refs. They will say anything, lie outrageously, twist themselves into self-contradictory pretzels, to make sure that he is not the nominee. Elizabeth Warren would get the same treatment if she were the frontrunner because the bankers have a special hatred for her. But mark well: Most of these critics are wealthy, some extremely so, and they do not want to pay one cent more in taxes or suffer to have one iota of their privilege diminished in any way. And they are not your friends. They’d rather have another tax cut than let you have the medicare you have now. How do we know this? They’d rather have the tax cuts they have now than extend medicare to people younger than you. They’re surrounded by sycophants and yes-men and yes-women, and when someone punches them in the nose on twitter with relevant points or by pointing out their hypocrisy, they squeal, like all bullies do. They’re not accustomed to getting called out. Crybullies.

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