3 thoughts on “An offer you can’t refuse

  1. Pompous lilliputins.

    It’s becoming increasingly tedious to be preached at over the public airwaves on a daily basis by the “swells”.

    Now the Neo-liberal New York Times has joined the chores of Neo-liberal Democrats and authoritarian “Never Trump” Republicans in calling for a nationwide shutdown.
    What balderdash.

    There are 55,000 reported cases of Coronavirus in the United States.
    50% of them are in New York City.
    Roughly 15% of the total number of cases will need to be hospitalized and 98% of those infected will recover.
    About 1.5% of all those becoming infected will eventually die.

    So with a “just stay home” order in effect in NYC and NY state why are planeloads of New Yorkers still being allowed to fly down to Florida?

    It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious that the talking heads in the main stream media and their “just stay home” guests who preach at us on a daily basis about all manner of things, have the wealth in the bank to “just stay home” for a month and not be bothered by how the rent gets paid and the lights stay on.

    But, lots of us out here in the hinterlands are living from paycheck to paycheck and from hand to mouth and do worry about such trivial matters as how to pay the rent, keep the lights on and feed ourselves.

    A nationwide shutdown is just plain crazy.

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