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  1. So far, so good, but I’m really nervous about my kids and grandkids. A colleague at work had a cousin succumb in NYC over the weekend. I guess I should be more worried about my wife and I, but we’ve got each other to the bitter end.

  2. My wife is a nurse. Her practice is so specialized that they’ve been keeping her at home a few days a week, but at least two of her colleagues within spitting distance have come down with COVID-19. The hospital’s mask policy is one-per-week unless visibly soiled, but the mask committee has approved homemade masks of a particular pattern, so I’m busy sewing those for her and her colleagues. It’s only a matter of time before she comes down with it, we plan on it actually. I’ve been sleeping in the living room for a month now. Our 25th anniversary was two weeks ago. The plan is for her to get sick, and for me to nurse her, then for me to get sick. I might go to a tent in the back yard if I get sick because we have two kids. We’re well provisioned because I expect food riots, maybe sooner than we’d expect. The biggest worry is that my wife has pulmonary and cardiological problems. We’re young enough that we should be okay, but we have our wills done and have gone over the health and life insurance. She’s stopped telling me about what’s going on at work because it affects an anxiety I now have that did not previously exist. Have had to go out for groceries, I don gloves and a 3M half-mask that is a little scary looking. Some of the store-goers look at me with dread, some with approval, some with sufficient amusement to openly snicker. The children are becoming depressed/cabin fever-y, and are on work strike for the most part. Won’t agree to do anything. They’re still coping with the idea of living through a plague, something we haven’t really done collectively since 1918-1920. Can barely watch the news. So much inaccurate opining and stupidity. Saw the head of a NY hospital talking about conditions. He was sporting a beard. You can’t wear an N95 mask with a beard. What a clown. The political response to this has been absolutely appalling. Schumer and Pelosi got played. The economic supernova has already exploded, but many of us won’t see the outlines of our collective destruction for, I’d guess, about three weeks from now when individuals are getting eviction notices and their pantries are now down to cat food. The $1200 checks that DC is patting itself on the back about, is as effective as a lollipop and will take weeks if not months to arrive. The paycheck protection program has already stalled, won’t come into effect for months, and will largely benefit the largest corporations under definition of “small business.” Although we are okay as far as a paycheck/mortgage goes, the country around us will become like Haiti after the earthquake, with half-starved zombies and disaster capitalists running around smashing everything. If any of them had any goddamn sense we wouldn’t have a Trump-versus-Biden scenario coming up in November, if we even have elections. So things are pretty grim. How are you?

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