One thought on “GOP geniuses

  1. Of GOP geniuses we have Mike Pompeo who said yesterday that he doesn’t get his “ethics from the likes of Senator Menendez.”
    Fair enough.
    So Pompeo must be getting his ethics from the likes of the psychopath Trump, whose motto is “be as corrupt as you wanna be.”
    Dangerous warmonger Mike Pompeo is an incompetent, corrupt, liar who should resign immediately.

    And then there’s Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton who said yesterday that once a state passes a law, in this case a law restricting who can vote by mail, no federal judge has the constitutional right to declare that law unconstitutional.

    Paxton must be a sovereign citizen of the Republic of Texas and states rights champion who wants to bring back slavery.
    In other words another Republican coo coo.

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