One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. How are the world’s right wing Populists(fascists) doing these days?

    Trump has failed.
    The only group which continues to support Trump are men. Specifically the less educated and skilled, white, working, man.

    Boris Johnson in the UK turns out to be a great campaigner but, a lousy and failing leader.

    Netanyahu is now sharing the government with war criminal Benny Gantz, because Bibi’s legal problems are drowning him.

    Macron has evaporated.

    Balsonaro in Brazil is well down the path to a civil war.
    Just like any good Trump protégé would be.

    The leaders of Russia, China and Saudi Arabia are all irrelevant because the oligarchs run those countries.

    It would appear that the counter-revolution is failing everywhere.
    (So much for the Russian and Chinese bots.)

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