He’s never going to shut down Twitter

But that doesn’t mean his threats have no effect. Naturally, this is one of his planned distraction as we hit the milestone of 100,000 covid deaths — most of which could have been avoided if he wasn’t so incompetent:

3 thoughts on “He’s never going to shut down Twitter

  1. Trump read this quote early in his life and has lived by it ever since, “The great masses of people……..will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1933

  2. His presidency couldn’t exist without Twitter, which is why he’s so sensitive to any changes they might try.

  3. 47 U.S. Code § 230 – (c)(2)(A):
    No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of any action voluntarily taken in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or *otherwise objectionable*, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected;

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, and point out that whack-job conspiracy theories will fall into the *otherwise objectionable* category, making the ‘fact-check’ tag legal in spite of the new Exec Order. Especially regarding the transparent voter suppression attempt by that clown in the oval office. Twenty-six states already have some degree of mail-in voting, including the five that use the mail exclusively.

    If the USPS was not a valid method for communicating with the government, how would they propose the IRS process federal taxes? If I run off 100 copies of my Form 1040, will I get 100 refund checks? Why do Republicans always run on a platform of “Government doesn’t work – just elect us and we’ll prove it”?

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