Chef shot and killed by Louisville cops during protest

One thought on “Chef shot and killed by Louisville cops during protest

  1. Our police departments, all 18,000 of them, have been militarized.
    We train our police in military tactics, dress them in combat gear, and then give them military weapons and equipment to use against us.
    So why do we act surprised when they treat us like enemy combatants?

    Joe Biden spoke today and said nothing about de-militarizing our police departments.
    He said nothing about how to eliminate poverty, homelessness, income and wealth inequality, or Medicare For All.

    Instead Joe blathered on about Neo-liberal solutions to problems that don’t exist.

    Joe Biden is a train wreck and the Neo-liberals running his campaign are out of touch and incompetent.

    Unfortunately we’re stuck with voting for Joe on November 3, because Trump is a lunatic and who must be replaced.

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