2 thoughts on “The fascists come for the antifascists

  1. If, as Commander-in-Chief, you find it necessary to sic the military on your own people for political reasons, then you’ve lost the game of democracy.

    Yesterday the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that he would “clear the battlespace” and “dominate the streets.”
    America is now a “battlespace” to be “dominated” by the military?

    The Republicans, led by Trump, are now engaged in a cold civil war with the Democrats, Progressives, the Left and anyone else who opposes their Fascist ideology.

    Republican seem quite content to live in a Fascist state owned and operated by a corrupt quasi-Supreme Being.

    ANTIFA has no leadership group. It did when it was founded in Germany to fight against the Fascists, but
    when its principles were brought to the United States, a conscience decision was made not to form a leadership group. We now see why.

    So who the criminal Barr will be arresting in the name of ANTIFA will be a spectacle to see.

  2. The FBI has been warning for several years that radical, fascist, white nationalist groups are a threat to the security of our nation. Many of these groups have stockpiled: weapons, explosives, and body armor. They infiltrate a peaceful march, toss a couple of firebombs, and then leave the marchers to deal with escalated repercussions from the police.

    Now the clown in the white house and his lapdog AG want to blame the anti-fascists rather than the actual fascists? How much longer do we have to live in opposite world?

    Also, why are the police targeting journalists – what are they trying to hide? You would think they would be glad for all the surveillance and documentation they can get to prove they acted appropriately – unless they have plans for bad behavior….

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