Traitor Trump

He. Did. Nothing.

2 thoughts on “Traitor Trump

  1. Warmongers Judith Miller and the New York Times helped lead us to an illegal war in Iraq.

    Warmongers Savage, Schmitt, Swartz and the New York Times are now leading an effort to have us remain in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria (McConnell’s favorite war) and Iraq well into the future.

    When the NSA discovered that Trump was about to announce the removal of another 4000 troops from Afghanistan (leaving 4500), this story about “the GRU placing a bounty on the heads of American combat troops in Afghanistan” appeared in print.

    Apparently our intelligence agencies told British intelligence but did not tell Pelosi, Schumer, Trump, Pence, Meadows or anybody else including Joe Biden about this hideous plan.

    The bottom line is that the warmongers like McConnell, the NYT, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and the military industrial complex are not in the (for-profit) business of ending wars.
    They are in the profitable business of prolonging wars and starting new wars.
    Dead bodies is their business model.

    Please vote against Trump and for Biden in November; and then make damn sure that Biden doesn’t pay off the warmongers for their election support by continuing our never ending Neo-liberal wars once he’s elected.

  2. Putin probably just sees this a little bit of retribution for the funding we did of the Mujahideen (by “we” I mean Ronald Reagan), but Fergus has no excuse for ignoring it while doing everything he can think of to help Russia, and yawping on and on about “respecting and honoring the troops”, yeah, Fergus, it’s a tight spot, but the fucking presidency is a hard job and you said that you wanted it.

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