Opening schools at gunpoint

They could open the schools safely, but the HEROES Act that funds all the preparation is still sitting on McConnell’s desk, and Trump says he won’t sign it. So WTF?

One thought on “Opening schools at gunpoint

  1. The odds are that the $3 trillion HEROES Act will ever pass are slim and none.
    A bill that large makes for great political theater but, not much else.
    The shelf life of the HEROES Act has come and gone.
    So it’s time for both the Democrats and the Republicans to get serious and do their jobs.
    The fun and games are over.

    We all need to be participating in creating our “new normal” and locking ourselves away in our homes is not it. Unless you’re sick of course.

    We need to re-open our workplaces and our schools. Safely.

    Our schools can be redesigned and retrofitted with plexiglass partitions, re-directed air flows, smaller classes, etc.
    On-line learning is a part of the solution but, it is not the whole solution.

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