One thought on “Surprise

  1. And then there’s this.

    Film and camera manufacturer Kodak, Inc., is now moving into the drug manufacturing business thanks to a $765 million dollar loan from the government.

    Kodak Pharmaceuticals, a brand new division, will be getting into the coronavirus prophylactic drug and vaccine business thanks to that big government loan.

    The day before this loan was announced to the public, Kodak CEO Jim Continenza bought 1.75 million stock options priced at between $3 and $12 per share.
    Continenza was immediately vested in 29% of the 1.75 shares that he bought.

    The very next day the stock price went up big and Continenza made a cool $35 million dollars.
    In total CEO Jim Continenza stands to make a profit of about $135 million dollars by using his “insider information.”

    This crooked bastard is one of Trumps big donors and should be in prison.

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