Pay attention

And there’s no legal way for him to extend anyone’s unemployment because there are no funds appropriated for it.

One thought on “Pay attention

  1. Moscow Mitch has been Trumps principle enabler since the very beginning.

    Because Moscow Mitch refuses to compromise with the Democrats on coronavirus relief legislation, he’s enabled Trump to issue four decrees (executive order) related to the issue last Saturday night.
    It’s been obvious for some time that Trump would rather bypass Congress and ignore the Constitution so that he can rule by fiat.

    What is it that Moscow Mitch wants from the current negotiations that the Democrats refuse to give him?
    He wants Big Business to be exempt from all legal responsibility and liability for as long as there’s a single case of Covid-19 in America.

    To get his way Moscow Mitch is willing to deny financial aid to the forced unemployed, to our states and cities, and to our faltering economy.
    To help Big Business Moscow Mitch will allow Americans to go hungry, become homeless and generally suffer through with little help from the government.

    That’s some pretty evil shit.

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