One thought on “Say what?

  1. Our highly paid intelligence officials are telling us that the Russians support Trump and that China and Iran are opposed to Trumps reelection.
    Why do the experts expect to be be taken seriously when they are simply stating the obvious?
    Experts like Neo-liberal, warmongers Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, who seem to be in charge of the “We hate the Russians” portfolio.

    But Russia isn’t the only country who wants to see Trump reelected.

    That list includes Israel, although they’re OK with Neo-liberal, pro-Zionist Joe Biden should he be elected.
    The pro-Trump camp also includes the Fascist, lunatic Bolsonaro of Brazil, the usurper, traitor Guiedo of Venezuela, the dictators in the Philippines, Hungry and Belarus, and right wing nut jobs Johnson (UK), and the Prime Minister of Australia.

    Trump has few friends in the Middle East, Africa and South America and neither does Biden.

    Then there’s North Korea who the US has for some unfathomable reason declare to be our eternal enemy.
    North Korea would like to see the US pull an Atlantis and sink completely beneath the waves.

    Since 1945, US foreign policy has been an abomination and both political parties are equally at fault.

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