The never-Trumpers

5 thoughts on “The never-Trumpers

  1. Anybody who trusts any Republican should have their head examined.
    Every last Republican must be voted out of office on November 3.
    “Just do it.” You’ll feel so much cleaner after you do.

  2. What they want is to have a say in how democrats govern, what policies they intend to promote. They created and walked away from the rancid racist no nothing neo-Confederates. They still want a seat at the table and mostly, the cash and attention that thought leaders “deserve.”
    Fuck that noise. Burn the lifeboats!

  3. For QAnon types: here’s a clue:
    Using Gematria properly, with the first universal world language (not BTW Francais, but English) — A=1, B=2 …J=10, K=20., L=30…S= 100′, T= 200 U= 300 V = 400… X = 600 ..
    what does 600 and 60 and 6 (literal words of Revelations) X, O , F. Now the name of the Beast is a name FOR a beast — but it is also a human name (a name for a human entity). What do we get out of F.O.X. ?? A name for a beast. But a human name. If you go back one each — NEW = 555. S = 100, 11 = J + A; Now — he signs his name Donald J. Trump but his REAL name is Donald J. Drumpf, which equals 668. Two more than 666 — BUT Nostradamus predicted THREE antichrists Napoleon, Hister (Hitler) and a third called Mabus, but 668 is two after 666. If you add two to 666 and 666 then you have : I, Donald J. Drumpf. FOX NEWS. and by the way 45 goes to ME — who is more self centered than Drumpf? AND the sum of I, Donald J. Drumpf, FOX NEWS = 3X666 = 1998, 1998+6+6+6 = 2016.
    Let him who is with discernment discern.
    ANSWER that QAnon; from “qdeformd” himself. i.e q-deformed algebras figure it out if you can.

  4. What laura said. What they say to themselves about their objective is that it’s to prevent the left from capturing the Democratic party. I guess kinda like the right did with the Republican party? They do make nice ads, but don’t trust them farther than you could spit a rat.

  5. Mr. Kirk, that’s some pretty esoteric stuff which most Newsmax, One America News and FOX watchers won’t have the chops to follow.

    How about this:

    Divide 144,000 (the number of people to be lifted into heaven in the end times)
    by 6.
    Divide that result by 6.
    Divide that result by 6.

    What do you get?

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