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  1. We as a society should actually have a philosophical discussion about the constitutionality of locking down the country.
    There are legitimate questions on both sides of the issue surrounding the legality of keeping citizens locked in their homes.

    Sweden continues to do a spectacular job controlling the coronavirus outbreak.
    Not only is Sweden the best performer in Europe with the lowest infection and death rate but, it’s among the top performers in the world.

    Sweden never locked the country down.

    Perhaps it’s because Sweden’s population is among the healthiest in the world.
    It has universal health care (Medicare For All)?
    Black folks and Hispanic folks in the US have limited access to to health care and these groups have suffered a higher rate of infection, hospitalization and death from the coronavirus than white folks have.

    Or maybe it’s because the Swedish government decided against locking people inside their homes where the virus could easily spread?

  2. Actually when I look at the JHU map, Sweden in worse than either Norway or Finland — by a lot. Both in incidence and in mortality rate (actually average is worse than the US’ most worse states. Will check viz Denmark. Certainly worse than Germany.

  3. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

    e.g. last week new cases: Sweden 1695, deaths: 18
    Norway: 752, deaths 1
    Denmark 1977 deaths 5
    map very useful also the country by country stats
    Of course Denmark is much more crowded, and there is plenty of Sweden of low population density = low infection rates (US average is not that of Montana, say). German has like 31 deaths past week, but it also is much bigger population.

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