2 thoughts on “Only the finest people

  1. Who keeps financing Trumps reelection campaign?

    We know who some of these donors are: Sheldon Adelson, Murdoch, Koch, Sinclair, bin Salman, Netanyahu, Putin.
    Who the other rich, Fascist, autocratic Trump donors are remains a question.

    Trump can’t exist unless the “mother’s milk of politics” keeps on flowing.

    Nazi sympathizers Dow Chemical, Prescott Bush and Brown Bros, Harriman, Alcoa, Henry Ford and Ford Motors, IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank and Walt Disney and Disney Co. to name a few, helped fund Hitler’s (a virulent anti-communist and Capitalist) rise to power and maintained him financially while he led all of us down the path to death and destruction.

    These Fascist, anti-democratic forces are alive and well and still living in America.
    QAnon, Boogaloo Boys, the Republican Party.
    They are the one’s funding Trump.

    The only good Republican is a defeated Republican.
    Vote early but please, only vote once.

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